Common Use Arrangement for Audit and Financial Advisory Services (CUA AFA 2018)

We  take this opportunity to announce AOT Consulting was recently awarded a place on all categories of the new CUA AFA2018:

Category A – Audit Services
For audit services (other than for forensics or probity) including internal audits, performance (operational) audits, compliance audits, financial audits, information systems audits and corporate governance reviews.

Category B – Forensic Audit Services

For investigations through forensic accounting to prevent and resolve commercial disputes, fraud, misconduct, and breaches of rules and regulations.

Category C – Probity Services (Probity Audits and Advice)
For independent scrutiny of a process (including activities such as outsourcing, procurement, disposal of assets) to ascertain whether procedures followed are consistent with appropriate regulation, guidelines and best practice principles of openness and transparency. Elements that Probity Advisors and Probity Auditors must address are:
– Best value for money
– Impartiality
– Dealing with conflicts of interest
– Accountability and transparency
– Confidentiality.

Category D – Risk Advisory Services
For business/business unit, procurement, project, program or initiative risk reviews, assessments and facilitation services including advice and assistance in defining and assessing risk categories and treatments, workshops and training

Category E – Financial, Accounting and Taxation Advisory Services
For advice on financial, accounting and taxation matters including:

– Financial Modelling.
– Financial Statements Analysis.
– Development of Accounting Policies and Procedures.
– Accounting Advice.

Category F –  Procurement Advisory Services

For procurement advice including:

– Business case development
– Procurement strategy development
– Procurement process support

Category G – Financial Assessment Services

For the assessment of the financial capacity of organisations including for pre-qualification, pre-contract award and post contract award monitoring of contracts. Financial assessment services provide a due diligence check to assess a contractor has the financial capacity to complete the work or supply the goods and services without becoming insolvent or experiencing financial distress

Category H – Program Reviews

For the appraisal and evaluation of Customer programs. Reviews are for identifying and understanding the results of a program and their impacts, as well as what can be the best alternatives to help in decision-making and lead to improvement in the process.

ISO9001:2015 Standard

AOT Consulting achieved accreditation to the ISO9001:2015 standard in March 2018 following an upgrade of its system, which is now entitled the Business Management System (BMS).

One of the key changes is renaming the Quality Management System (QMS) to the Business Management System (BMS), which brings the business emphasis to the fore, underpinned by the ISO9001:2015 standard as opposed to the emphasis being on the QMS. The rationale for this is the “system” as a whole extends beyond quality management, which has been reinforced by the revised ISO9001:2015, although the standard goes far beyond quality management.

This BMS therefore provides the essential link between setting out how the ISO9001:2015 standard is addressed and how it maps to the operations of the company.

AOT Consulting has maintained accreditation  to the ISO9001 standard since 1996.