AOT Consulting Pty Ltd has always been and remains committed to the wellbeing of our employees, our clients, the community and our company. In view of the current situation with respect to COVID-19 AOT Consulting has activated, and has been operating in accordance with, its Business Continuity Plan, which has implemented a range of measures to support the Commonwealth and Western Australian governments in trying to contain the spread of the virus.

Our employees

In the event of lockdowns, our employees are safe and well, working from home, whilst remaining connected to the company, and to each other, and our clients on a daily basis through the use of technology. We have equipped all of our employees with the necessary tools to remain connected and be able to work.  Our Working from Home policy and our Human Resources and Health Safety and Environment policies are there to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees.

Our office

Our office remains open, and where necessary during lockdowns, will operate with minimal persons present to perform functions that cannot be undertaken remotely. When necessary we have undertaken and will undertake additional precautions to protect those in our office such as providing parking directly under our building to ensure travel is safe and directly between home and the office. We have also implemented increased screening and restricted access for anyone who comes to the office, as well as increased cleaning, disinfection and personal hygiene practices. The Forrest Centre Building Management has also implemented a range of increased measures such as establishing clear criteria for those who are permitted to enter the building, ensuring strict access controls to the building, limiting lift access to a limited number per lift as well as increasing cleaning throughout the building.

Our services to our clients

We remain committed to continuing to deliver services to all our clients at this time without interruption.  There is no change to our hours of business operation and we are available to assist any of our clients in any way we can.  We are maximising the use of technology to facilitate our service delivery.

Our community

By following the directions of our Commonwealth and Western Australian governments we are committed to supporting them in containing the spread of the virus.   We also want to see our community rise again and to that end we are doing all we can to support local and small business at a time when they need us to help keep them operating and help keep people employed.

Our gratitude

In any challenging situation there is always light and that is what leads people through.  In March 2020 the company started a gratitude journal with all employees contributing each day with something they are grateful for during the initial weeks of the lockdown. It surprised everyone how much positivity can be found at times like this.

As a company we are truly grateful for the support our clients have shown us for the past 30+ years and continue to show us because it has enabled us to continue to deliver the services we are so passionate about and to pay it forward.