Change and Communications

The professional services we provide are designed to assist organisations at key stages of an initiative’s lifecycle, especially managing changes to policies, legislation, organisational structure, culture, processes and systems.

Preparing for Change

Where there is a step-change required to implement new or enhanced capabilities, there is also a need to prepare for the change, especially if it involves changes to the business model, service delivery, commercial structuring, or outsourcing because such changes can materially affect areas of the business such as organisational structure, human resources, culture, policies and business processes.

This service is often an integral part of other services provided such as Program, Project and Transition Management, which should consider the business impact, changes required and communications or when planning an implementation.

Preparing for change is also be a service in its own right.

AOT Consulting has developed a comprehensive stakeholder engagement and communications planning framework, which is based upon several years of assisting clients with managing changes to policies, legislation, organisational structure, culture, processes and systems.
Planning and managing change requires a combination of skills, knowledge, expertise and experience as well as empathy towards those affected by changes. In addition, changes in inter-organisational arrangements between organisations requires an understanding of end-to-end processes that traverse multiple organisations. Similarly, end-to-end services and processes involving one or more commercial arrangements also need to traverse multiple organisations.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

This service assists organisations to determine the potential stakeholders and design a plan for stakeholder engagement and communications. This is often used for seeking stakeholder engagement when assessing or developing new initiatives. During implementation of initiatives, this relates to developing and coordinating change management processes.

Stakeholder engagement and communications is designed to work with people in different positions within an organisation who have varying areas of focus and interest.
If required, we can also align the stakeholder planning framework to Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) the like and draw upon a range of techniques such as stakeholder mapping and interest / influence matrices.