AOT Consulting’s policy is to employ professionals and we do not sub-contract resources from the market for several reasons, one of which is to ensure that we can maintain service levels and provide continuity of resources through retention of staff.

We aim to minimise the turnover of staff in the company so that we can provide continuity of service, expertise, experience and knowledge.

One of our guiding principles is to provide a great work environment and treat each other, our clients and all those that we work with, with respect and dignity. We recognise that our people are intrinsic to providing unparalleled levels of service and we will continually strive to make AOT Consulting a great place to work so that our consultants can focus on applying their skills, knowledge, expertise and experience.

The following (which is not all inclusive) provides an indication of the skills, knowledge, expertise and experience required to take a consulting position at AOT Consulting.

  • Identify, analyse and document (written and diagrammatically) the full set of services provided by one or more of our client’s business areas (inclusive of business process models, specifications and the like);
  • Undertake market research / market sounding;
  • Plan and undertake stakeholder engagements and communications;
  • Quantify the volumes of services and ‘customers’ of our client’s services (through discussion with representatives from one or more business units and access to information provided by our clients);
  • Identify the facilities, resources and tools our clients use to deliver services (including gaining an understanding of where the current tools and facilities may have limitations in supporting the business going forward);
  • Determine an accurate view of the current cost of operations, whilst forming a view of costs going forward;
  • Assess the feasibility of structuring our client’s operations into one or more arrangements using different sourcing approaches such as total in-sourcing, total outsourcing, or variations thereof;
  • Undertake options analysis using a combination of qualitative assessment, quantitative assessment and risk assessment to determine the pros and cons of each identified model and qualitative the quantitative benefits and risks of each model;
  • Determine the impact of setting up each of the above delivery arrangements on current and/or future operations (including impact on tools, people, facilities, etc.) inclusive of estimated costs and transition arrangements;
  • Prepare total cost of service / ownership projection over a foreseeable term (e.g. 5 years);
  • Prepare a high level implementation plan of the preferred model, ideally with project management tools such as Microsoft Project;
  • Identifying requirements to manage change;
  • Prepare reports recommending the preferred working arrangements for the identified models (report writing must be able to convey the complexities in an easy to understand style); and
  • Undertake quality reviews of the draft report with the client, finalise the report and assist with presenting the key findings and recommendations.

Whilst we do not advertise positions directly, if you are of a view that you have the above capabilities, please feel welcome to contact us to inquire about future opportunities.