Contract Management

Contract Management

Contract management services comprises several discrete services that can be provided individually or can be customised to meet your exact requirements. Our Contract Management services are designed to assist organisations manage its contracts at various stages of the lifecycle, including reviews, establishing frameworks, developing contract management plans, assistance with managing contracts and providing specific advice.

Due Diligence

Contract due diligence is designed to examine various elements to provide a level of surety that contractual obligations and undertakings comply with what has been agreed. This service inherently is designed to provide a risk mitigation control and examines elements such as financial capacity, business operations, tri-partite dependencies, etc.

In addition, our due diligence service includes assisting with the preparation of testing plans where new or enhanced capabilities such as implementing a new business system needs to be demonstrated as part of the due diligence process.

Contract Management Frameworks and Plans

This service assists organisations to plan, develop and finalise contract management frameworks, management plans and tools, especially for complex, high risk and/or high value contracts.

AOT Consulting has worked in many different industry sectors and has designed contract management frameworks and plans that not only protect an organisation’s interests but also establishes a sound framework that can be applied in practice. In addition, we can also assist with monitoring tools for the efficient and effective management of contracts.

The contract management frameworks, plans and tools we have developed have been based upon different contracting models such as Alliance Based Contracts and PPP.

Contract Assessment and Evaluation

This service assists organisations to review the performance of established contracts to ensure that the contract and the parties to the contract are performing as intended and to optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

This service is similar to undertaking reviews and evaluations, though focussed on the intent of the contract and its performance.

Contract Management

This service assists organisations to manage contracts to optimum efficiency and effectiveness. The service ranges from providing advice on specific matters through to providing skilled consultants to assist with managing contracts.

Contract Advisory Services

This service is designed to provide advice on various matters pertaining to all aspects of commercial contracts. Contract advisory services provides an efficient and effective way to obtain independent advice that is based upon an in depth knowledge of commercial contracts.

Transition Management

We assist organisation with the transition planning and service-take-up planning.

This service is framed around a combination of project management, change management and contract management.

This service is founded upon years of experience in managing a broad range of projects. As an independent consulting firm, our sole focus is to achieve successful results for our clients in delivery of their projects and our track record is founded on fulfilling our commitment to success on each individual program or project.