Stakeholder Facilitation


In its broadest sense, this service refers to the process of designing and running one or a series of successful meetings or workshops to achieve an outcome. Facilitation concerns itself with all the tasks needed to design and run a productive and impartial meeting or workshop to serve the needs of a group in its decision-making. Our in-depth understanding of business and technology enables this service to be designed with subject matter knowledge.

Facilitation is a key service we provide and is often seamlessly integrated into a broader consulting project, though is a critically important component as it serves the needs of the group in providing inputs and/or decision-making.

We are mindful that facilitation needs to be impartial, yet with the ability to move the group through a process of imparting knowledge, reviewing draft outputs and achieving consensus also requires a degree of subject-matter skills, knowledge expertise and experience.

All of our consultants have skills, knowledge, expertise and experience in facilitation and have the ability to ensure the flow and engagement of stakeholders is effective to achieve the workshop’s objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

This service assists organisations to determine the potential stakeholders and design a plan for stakeholder engagement and communications. This service is often used for seeking stakeholder views when assessing or developing new or enhanced initiatives but it is equally applicable at different stages of an initiative’s lifecycle. The extent to which stakeholder engagement is managed will vary at different stages of a lifecycle.

We view stakeholder engagement, communications and facilitation as critical success factors in providing services and delivering outcomes. Where the service engagement model is outcome based or the terms of reference place considerable emphasis on stakeholder engagement such as reviews, we prepare a stakeholder engagement and communications plan. The plan identifies stakeholders and how and what will be communicated to them and is used as an intrinsic tool to achieving success.

For smaller projects or segmented assignments, the principles of stakeholder engagement, communications and facilitation are still practised, though not necessarily formalised into a documented plan.

Training Services

Our training services are predominately in the areas of the professional services that we provide such as strategic sourcing or contract management.

The design of a training course or program is customised to your specific requirements and whilst we draw upon pre-existing materials, they are not applied out-of-the-box and are usually used as a base to fast-track the development.

Our consultants understand the principles of effective training and appreciate their role is to facilitate the learning process and generate a climate for improving skills, knowledge, expertise and experience.