Feasibility Studies & More

This service is designed to assist organisations to develop and plan for new initiatives or review the opportunities for improvement of existing initiatives. There can be many dimensions to this service such as developing business plans, analysis of business processes, application of business systems and enterprise technology planning.

Another dimension is to assist with the development of a business case to substantiate initiatives and return on investment.
AOT Consulting has developed an 8-stage methodology, which has been used to guide the development of undertaking feasibility studies, developing business plans, preparing business cases and supporting plans. Market research is an inherent part of the service provided, which may include market sounding and/or stakeholder engagements.

The methodology is customised to suite each engagement, though generally comprises most of the following elements:

  • Strategic alignment and business context analysis.
  • Needs identification.
  • Undertaking market research/feasibility studies (including market sounding and / or stakeholder engagement).
  • Process modelling and analysis.
  • Financial analysis and return on investment.
  • Commercial structuring.
  • Options analysis.
  • Development of sourcing strategies and procurement models.
  • Preparation of risk management plans that are aligned to agency risk frameworks.
  • Benefits realisation and cost/benefit substantiation.
  • Business case preparation (various types e.g. funding submissions, procurement, etc.).
  • Presentation of findings.

At the beginning of the lifecycle, we will often be working at a strategic planning level or business case level and as such we do not get down to the detail of business process modelling, analysis or requirements unless the business case warrants it. However, we are cognisant when developing business cases that strategic directions or business initiatives will ultimately lead downstream to the business requirements in more detail and will frame the overarching outcomes, benefits and objectives to reflect an organisation’s strategic and operational business needs. We keep in mind that what is produced facilitates moving into more detailed analysis irrespective of who undertakes the next stage.

From an operational perspective, we are often engaged to undertake business performance reviews, particularly business processes and / or business systems, which ultimately will focus on efficiency and effectives as well as the contemporary use of technology and associated services.