Requirements Analysis

The scope for undertaking analysis of requirements can be wide and varied, depending in the its purpose. The most intensive stage of an initiatives’ lifecycle is usually when there is a detailed business case or specifications of requirements are being developed for a tender.

Developing new or enhanced capabilities will often necessitate business analysis of processes to be modelled and functional requirements to be identified and considered.

The form in which requirements are documented can also vary and can be focussed on high-level outcomes based requirements or conversely, detailed, prescriptive requirements. We use a range of tools to assist with the design and development of requirements.

Designing and developing requirements also involves another service AOT Consulting provides – stakeholder engagement and communications, which includes facilitated workshops. Gathering information is an essential ingredient to identifying requirements and engaging with stakeholders individually or through workshops as an integral component.

Quite often the development of requirements is an integral component of strategic sourcing and need to be designed in such a way that is conducive to issuing requirements to the market.