Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing / Procurement

This service assists organisations to plan and procure business and technology solutions and services. It ranges from developing sourcing strategies and commercial structuring through to the development of procurement plans, specifications, tenders, evaluation of offers, preparing evaluation reports that substantiate the recommendation and due diligence.

AOT Consulting has undertaken over 1,000 strategic sourcing projects including large outsourcing services contracts, infrastructure, business systems, multi-sourcing, facilities management and general goods and services. The strategic sourcing approaches have been based upon different contracting models such as Alliance Based Contracts and PPP.

The service is customised to meet specific requirements that covers some or all of the following:

·         Business Case / Sourcing Strategy

·         Commercial Structuring

·         Draft Tender / EOI (single stage / two-stage).
·         Market / Procurement Research ·         Draft Contract
·         Options Analysis ·         Evaluation
·         Risk Assessment ·         Due Diligence and Negotiations
·         Procurement Planning ·         Contract Finalisation

·         Contract Management Plan.

·         Service Specifications ·         Transition Planning
·         Performance Metrics and models (e.g. risk Reward framework),  / Service Level Agreements / Abatement regimes ·         Transition Management (for some projects).
·         Pricing and payment models, performance linked payments ·         Draft Tender / EOI (single stage / two-stage as determined).
·         Risk management; ·         Draft Contract

·         Contract Auditing.